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About Us

Biçer Project Building & Trade limited company is continuing its activities for years in the construction sector in order to use the materials that can sustain the environmental awareness, recyclable and insulation required during the life of the building in the insulation sector.As a member of many associations in this sector also work in the scientific institutions of the insulation sector. In this sense, a technical level of contribution has been made to the building of acoustic design, application and supervision of buildings.After the researches we made in the insulation sector, the most natural, non-carcinogenic, breathable, flame-proof and non-flammable class, heat and sound insulation values are at the ideal level and especially oriented towards Turkish products.As a result of all our work, Bozoglu Textile Industry &Trade.  We are continuing our work in the insulation sector as the sole authorized distributor of Turkey and abroad for the production of IzoBOZZ products in Uşak.Our company, which has contributed to the newly prepared Sound Insulation Regulation, aims to make the insulation of human life harmonious with our products.The high level of customer satisfaction of our products has led us to the fact that we are on the right track and we have to let more people to meet with our products.With the slogan “New Term in Insulation” we are proud to prove our differences from the other insulations.


  • The products that improve your quality of life.
  • We respect to your time value/we are aware of that your time is priceless.
  • We contribute to our country’s economy as well as the world economy.
  • We use high technological products.

In the late 20th century, increasing environmental problems and awareness, the need for deep-rooted solutions in the field of energy, and new legislative arrangements for these areas have led to the introduction of insulation products into the mainstream activity over time. Work has been initiated in order to identify and provide products that will provide fundamental solutions related to our country’s important natural risk area such as sound, heat, humidity and most importantly earthquake with investments and collaborations realized in this frame.Our journey has started with architecture in the twentieth century is now driven by unique products that we have brought to a better standard of living with the products of izoBOZZ.

  • We offer the most suitable/efficient service to our customers.
  • We give importance/care about to health of whole community.
  • We are environment friendly as producer
  • We offer individual designs
  • Be creative, innovative and open to change consistently.
  • We do our job passionately

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