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Feltbi provides acoustic design, projecting, modeling, measurement, application controller services. In line with its corporate organizational structure, specialist architects and engineers in the field of acoustics guarantee quality with their knowledge, experience and customer-focused approach.

Architectural Acoustic Consulting Service

On-Site Measurement:
Making the necessary acoustic measurements and detections to detect the source of the problem where the acoustic comfort is required.
The numerical calculation of the acoustic characteristics and requirements of the space (s) by making the necessary calculations in the light of measurements and fixtures made.
Design and Reporting:
Determination and reporting of architectural decisions – alternation alternatives, quantities and modes of application – required to achieve the expected acoustic comfort conditions from the respective spaces (s), as a result of the measurements and analysis made.
Application Control:
Providing the necessary consulting service to ensure that the agreed solution is applied in accordance with the acoustic design.
Post-Application Control:
Detection and reporting of the places where they can not show the acoustic performance foreseen by the design, by measurements to be done in place.

Our Professional Acoustic / Sound Insulation Applications

  • Control of external noises
  • Preventing internal noises from entering
  • Acoustic design of home theater rooms
  • Custom acoustic room design
  • Sound quality control in meeting rooms
  • School, hospital etc. high volume silence in places
  • Restaurant, cafeteria etc. noise control in rooms
  • Night club, bar etc. noise control in places
  • Special acoustic arrangements in music listening rooms
  • Sound insulation between apartments and rooms
  • Optimization of the listening conditions of the spaces
  • Elimination of acoustic vibrations
  • Generator rooms / buildings and silence of places with very loud mechanical systems
  • Acoustic solutions of sound recording studios and radio / TV studios
  • Architectural / acoustical solution and design of cinema and theater halls
  • Architectural / acoustical solution and design of multipurpose halls, conference halls and call centers
  • Acoustic solution and design in showrooms

Projecting Services

  • Acoustic modeling
  • Integration of acoustic solutions into architectural structure and decoration
  • 3D architectural acoustic modeling
  • Electroacoustic projecting, installation and training
  • Making and reporting acoustic measurements
  • Unique design for each project
  • Consulting and control in all kinds of acoustic projects
  • Expert team implementation of projects
  • Full service to rough turnkey building turnkey
  • Do you want to stop the noise coming from the outside?
  • Do you want to prevent your noise from going outside?
  • Do you want higher sound performance from your home cinema room with less electronics investment?
  • Are you uncomfortable with the acoustic result you get in your movie theater?
  • Do you expect a less reflex and peaceful environment from your office meeting room?
  • Do you or your customers feel tired and depressed by the sounds (speech, cutlery, service, music, outside noises) that form in your restaurant, cafeteria or dining room, is happening?
  • Do you not get the result you expected from your music system that you paid too much?
  • Are you sleepy due to outside noise coming from around your bedroom for the night?
  • Do you think that your machines, such as electric generators, chillers, disturb you and your surroundings?
  • Did not the result you received from Studio be the same as you expected?
  • Can you listen to some music and chat with your guests while your child is asleep?
  • Does your office have excessive fatigue due to the noise you can not control because of the large volume?
  • Your workplace, your neighbors, and your municipality’s metering teams have turned you into a nightmare for musical entertainment?

The answer to these questions lies in the acoustic solutions. The acoustic solutions are specially prepared solutions for you.Acoustic designs are designed as part of architectural and decorative design, “as it is” as possible.

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